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Where To Buy Angel Figurines

Shop our wide selection of angel figurines & statues. Angels are spiritual beings that act as messengers from God, and are our personal guardians. Invite the Angels into your home with Angel statues and figurines of Angels. An Angel statue will look great in a garden or at the entryway of your home to symbolize their intimate protection. Angel figurines of St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel invoke the protection and aid of these heavenly spirits in and around your house. Here you will find a variety of lovely Angel figurines and Angel statues to suit your needs.

where to buy angel figurines

Angels are spiritual beings who serve God and are mentioned numerous times in the Bible. They would bring God's messages to His people and brought judgment upon God's enemies. Considered to be guardians among men, angels are certainly have been loved and admired for centuries.

Angels are a prominent fixture in the Bible, mentioned multiple times throughout the sacred text. This is especially true of Gabriel, a messenger angel that is mentioned in Daniel 8:15-27 and 9:20-27 especially. He made famous visits to the Prophet Daniel as well as the Virgin Mary to announce the birth of Jesus Christ as referenced in the book of Luke.

Because angels play such an important role in the tales of the Bible, having angel figurines around the home or office can be a reminder and expression of your faith while also bringing you great comfort. These angel figurines are each crafted out of olive wood, a special wood that is known to retain its natural grain and colors, making each one of these handcrafted figurines beautiful pieces of art for the home or to give as a special gift to be treasured forever.

Each angel figurine is crafted by hand by professional Christian artisans who live in Bethlehem, bringing holy charm to each one. Their handmade nature promises not only individuality but better quality as well, so they can become a fixture in your home for many years to come.

The figurines make an excellent gift for any Christian in your life and are sure to look good on any shelf, mantle, table, and bookcase. Browse our collection now to find the perfect figurine for you.

There is just something about Christmas-inspired figurines that seem to capture the spirit of the season. Maybe it's because those little figures can play out those winter wonderland scenes in our minds. No matter what your idea of Christmas is, we have angel figurines, nativity figures, animal figurines, snowman figurines, and much more to make the season come to life. And don't forget, we have new arrivals every year.

We proudly stock a stunning array of thematic figurines. Many commemorate holidays and other special events. At burton+BURTON, we have a quality collection that distinguishes us from the rest. Serving as great gifts, our figurines reflect our enduring commitment to beauty and excellence. Our entire line of figurines is available at wholesale prices and backed by the highest level of service.

Vintage figurines are some of the most versatile pieces of home decor. Because they're typically small and compact, they're easy to change out with every season throughout the course of the year. In addition, they can be placed almost anywhere in your home, whether it be the mantle, on your tabletop, or a hallway table. Resin figurines also make great Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or for anyone who might be a collector.

Any type of figurine can be considered a collectible. The most important thing is that they hold value to you! For instance, maybe you like to collect snowman figurines for the Christmas season. Maybe you collect porcelain pumpkins for Fall. Or maybe you collect animal figurines for your etagere. No matter your niche, burton+BURTON has figurines you're sure to fall in love with.

When you're ready to pick out your unique figurines, look no further than right here at burton+BURTON for a set that speaks to you. Let us assist you in decorating your home for the next big season that's coming up.

This page features a wide selection of African American angel figurines and statues. We offer over 10 different categories of African American angel figurines including, Armor of the Lord, Arch Angels, Heavenly Visions, Heavenly Virtues, Guardian Angels, My Little Saint, Angels of Inspiration, Angel Band, Angel Babies, Lil Cutie Cherubs, Blessings Unto You, Graceful, and Praise and Worship. With 50 different African American angels and statues to choose from, we can certainly meet your needs.

Are you looking to start on a resin DIY project? The wholesalers at have cheap angel figurines available to help you get started! With the offers on cheap angel figureurines, you can create your resin projects at a better deal. Some resin craft ideas that are good stepping stones for starters include resin jewelry makings, such as earrings or necklace pendants. If you are not sure which clear resin for crafts to purchase, you may always opt for a prepacked resin craft kit instead. No matter your competency level, you will find something suitable for your projects.

Access high-quality, stunning, and incredible cheap angel figurines at for all types of interior decoration purposes. These fantastic and elegant products are durable in quality and are ideal for decorations and gifts on all types of occasions. These marvelous cheap angel figurines are available in distinct varieties and are known to be highly resistant against all types of wear and tear. Buy these wonderful cheap angel figurines from leading suppliers and manufacturers on the site for the most affordable prices at high-quality. The massive collection of cheap angel figurines available on the site is made of pure quality materials that are long-lasting in nature and have higher sustainability towards all kinds of resistances. These products are designed with advanced, artificial molds for a better and precise shape, defining true artwork. The cheap angel figurines are not only ideal for indoor decorations but are also beautiful outdoor decorations too.

As a result, you can find Angel figurines made of wood, porcelain, crystal, glass, or even resin. So, if you find settling on just one collection challenging, you might need to increase your display size.

The Seraphim Classic Angel figurines were first introduced in 1993 but entered the market in 1995. This incredible seraphim collection includes hundreds of these stunning, exquisite angels. Although many Angels have retired, many of these items are available. But they are very rare to find in marketplaces.

The black art depot angel figurines are a must-have for any serious collector of African Americana. These beautiful figurines depict angels in various poses and are made from high-quality porcelain. Each figurine is hand-painted and is truly a work of art.

Lladró, founded by three brothers in 1953, is a world-renowned company known for its beautiful porcelain figurines. One of their most popular lines is their angel figurines. Lladro figurines are known for their delicate features and beautiful designs.

Messein angel figurines are a type of religious figurine that originated in Germany in the early 1800s. Messein angel figurines are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and are often decorated with gold or silver paint.

Take a look at the overall design of the piece. Is it intricate or straightforward? Does it have any religious symbols? All these factors can help you determine the value and meaning of an angel figurine.

Since the Angel figurines were also made with religious beliefs, they are available in different postures. So one popular type of angel figurine is the praying Angel. These figurines feature an angel with a bowed head and hands clasped in prayer.

Guardian angel figurines are also popular. These figurines feature an angel with wide arms as if they are protecting those around them. Guardian angel figurines are often made of metals such as brass or bronze. 041b061a72


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