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Matching Rings For Couples: when you should present it as a gift and what it means

Sapphire engagement rings are loved by women, from the blue sapphire designs to the pink and yellow sapphire models.

The significance of the blue sapphire ring

The blue sapphire ring is a classic loved by all women. Due to its timeless beauty it's one of the most sought-after engagement rings you can give as gifts. The reason is very simple that the blue sapphire band is associated, because of its characteristic color, with the idea of peace and happiness. It is a reason why it is common to believe that the blue sapphire ring is able to protect and protect against misfortunes for those who are given it. In addition the blue sapphire ring is associated with purity and sincerity, making it the perfect gift to present when you ask the person you love to get married, a symbol of a pure and faithful love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

The sapphire, which is among the most beautiful precious stones that can be used for jewelry is perfect to pay homage to women with blue eyes. It is believed that people who own sapphires are magnanimous loyal, trustworthy and able of restraining temptation. Sapphire is chemically made up of aluminum oxide. It's the only substance of natural nature to possess a brittleness of level 9 on the Mohs scale. The most extensive deposits of sapphire of sapphires in the world are found in Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Madagascar, but small sapphire crystals are also located in Italy in the calcite of Terminillo. The gemstone is typically offered with a round or oval cut. However, it can also be set in the shape of a baguette or heart.

Not only blue: all shades of sapphire rings

There are numerous colors of sapphires. These include pink, yellow and orange. On the market there are rings that have yellow, pink, and blue sapphires. These are created from white gold and go well with yellow. However, rings with pink sapphires are perfect for those who are romantic. Costs differ based on the specifics of the ring. This includes the metal, the size of the stone, and whether or not there are diamonds in the band. Prices for the cheapest versions are between 300 and 400 euros. However, they can reach 10 000 euros if it is signed by major fashion houses.


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