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the best thing about the windows 7 task scheduler is that it can be set to do more than just startup tasks: you can launch programs, or even just create programs and schedules at windows startup. the free version has a command-line (cli) interface, but the paid version has a ui (interface). i was able to create a simple task that would run a batch file every minute, every hour, and every day at a set time. the task scheduler is in the control panel, under the tasks tab. security restrictions you can never use your admin password if you make a mistake or forget it. if you make a mistake, you can reset the password, but at the end, you will have to provide the old and the new password. if you forget your password, that is the end of the story.

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the free version, however, lacks some of the more advanced features that users will be accustomed to. you can buy the office 365 suite for a few hundred dollars a year, but if you are looking to microsoft has now made the office 365 suite available for mac os x. office 365 for mac comes with the same apps and features that you can find in the windows version, but with apples built-in integration into os x. so just like on windows, you will be able to see your documents and browse your emails and calendar, but you will also be able to get them up on your mac. its once again free of charge, so its definitely worth trying out on your mac.

small business server, or sbs, is not a standalone product; it is a server operating system designed to be a low-cost alternative to a dedicated microsoft windows server. sbs is free if you own a license for microsoft office professional business 2007.


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